The imagination is the limit

Meet Pinta Token!

Your first date with crypto

PINTA TOKEN is the first cryptocurrency that allows users to make
transactions to buy and sell a REAL product.

PINTA TOKEN is the new mean of payment for use in bars and restaurants. The first cryptocurrency that allows you to buy and sell, massively and at low cost, gastronomic and tourism products worldwide.

A token that will allow you to purchase 1 pint of beer in all bars and restaurants within the PINTA TOKEN community throughout Latin America, the United States, Europe…. And all over the world!

With Pinta Token you will be able to access the crypto ecosystem easily, quickly and safe. To buy PINTA TOKEN you do not need to have previous knowledge of crypto.

PINTA TOKEN proposes the largest P2P transaction network in the crypto ecosystem, by relying on the distribution of bars around the world.

PINTA TOKEN is here to democratize cryptocurrencies.


What is Pinta Token?